Swiss trip plan Sept 2020 – now sometime in 2021 maybe 1


Well, due to the obvious, we’ll be postponing. More updates once we make some decisions.

wandering ones










 arrive in Zurich Sept 9  10:30AM ( leave Zurich airport on train at 12:02, arrive in Murren at 2 minutes before 3) 

 depart Zurich Sept 22 1:30PM  ( leave the hotel on the 8:50 train, arrive at the Zurich airport at 11:00)

             Drastic drop in airline tickets convinced the old timers to take the plunge and buy the tickets. The best price was for no checked bags. Swiss hikers need backpacks, cheese, bread, and hiking poles. They do not need checked bags. Diane was at the keyboard. We all have checked bags.


We will buy the tickets you will pay us back. Someday.

airport to hotel individual  ticket
Murren & Kandresteg  BOB regional ticket BOB pass  BOB is short for Berner OBerland
Kandersteg to Schwende individual ticket
Schwende/ Appenzell  included with hotel Appenzeller-Holiday-Card
Schwende to airport Individual ticket

lodging to stay out of the rains

Chalet Fontana – 5 nights – – We are renting the entire Chalet

Chalets Alder – 4 nights – apartment 5 room  We are renting the 4 bedroom + 1 room chalet with 3 bathrooms (use Chrome to translate)

Hotel Alpenblick – 4 nights –     So far we have 4 rooms.. If more people come we need to get more rooms


Hikes – leg strains




Nuggets for your brains

In these following links are a compiled bunch of possibly-useful info: Switzerland overview, some things we have learned, and some helpful links. Enjoy 🙂

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One thought on “Swiss trip plan Sept 2020 – now sometime in 2021 maybe

  • Sonja

    Please tell us when you’re going to buy your plane tickets because I’ll want to purchase ours the same day as you all do.
    What does BOB mean?
    This all looks amazing!!!!!
    I’m going to look at the different sites now.
    Looks like tons of planning went into this Itinerary