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I hope this is useful and will help you become familiar with the areas and your options. Switzerland is beautiful and you will enjoy your time there. Make sure you relax and don’t stress over things. The people in these areas are very friendly (especially in the Berner Oberland areas). […]

Sample Itinerary

Here’s a bunch of links we are throwing out there… Swiss Pass: Swiss Pass website Swiss Pass from RailEurope Rick Steves’: Swiss Pass Rick Steves’ Rail Guide Our post on the Swiss Rail Pass Trains and Tickets: SBB website Health and Safety CDC Travel Information for Switzerland. State Department’s Guide […]

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Switzerland Overview Switzerland is a gorgeous and diverse country. Each area offers something different. From the towering mountains to the tranquil lakes to the bustling cities, drink in all the wonder, take lots of pictures, and thoroughly enjoy your visit! Listed are some cities we visited and really enjoyed. You […]

Tips and Notes for Traveling in Switzerland

Hi Everyone! Mom and Dad made it to Switzerland. The flight was pretty uneventful besides being delayed, and the seats were small. They walked along a river today after traveling by train to their hotel location. It is pretty! Once I have pictures I will share them. Mom noted the […]

Day “R” in the Adventure Countdown

Mountains - View from Murren
E is for Evil is Conquered on the Schilthorn!  What do you get when you combine a secret agent, some shady business deals and henchmen, and a revolving restaurant on a mountain in Switzerland? Why, a James Bond movie of course! On Her Majesty’s Secret Service to be precise… The Schilthorn […]

Day “E” in the Adventure Countdown

Today we say Welcome! or more appropriately: wilkommen!! to the newest member of our Future Adventurers Club: Mrs. Jackie Van Dyke! She is even learning to yodel and will be performing for us this Christmas with other members of her yodeling group: The Van Dyke Family Yodelers. 🙂 Don’t worry, […]

Day “I” in the Adventure Countdown

Day…. Y! The Phrase today is Yodel-odel-A-E-huuuuuuuu!!! Yodeling is a good alternative to cell phones for communicating over medium to long distances and from mountain to mountain. It is cool, efficient, entertaining, and frugal because who knows what kind of cell phone service is available high in the Apps! Yodeling […]

Day “Y” in the Adventure Countdown!