Swiss trip plan Sept 2020 – now Sept 14-Oct 5, 2021 unless the one world gov’t arrives sooner than we hope 1


We have tickets. Sept 15- Oct 5.

Sept 8 – 1 week to go. So far no lockdowns. See below for links to on how very recent tourist made it through

Train tickets purchased, appointment at covid testing in Zurich done, we are good to go


wandering ones







We have room for 7 in 3 of the 4 hotels. Murren we have the chalet to ourselves. Room for 1 more and if more than 7 go we can adjust.

last minute details

  • money
    • Use credit card for all you can
      • this assumes your credit card does not charge for international transactions – if it does, use Dianes)
      • When merchant asks – do not convert charge to US Dollars, charge in CHF or and extra % and a fee will be added to each purchase
    • get cash at ATM – look if your bank has a bank in Switzerland to not have extra charges when withdrawing cash.On previous trips we take out ~200CHF at a time. It lasts long enough and we are not carrying excessive amounts of cash around. Uses – mountaintop restaurants, lockers in train stations, a few very small remote shops
    • recommendations We have not done this
    • best checking account for international ATM’s
  • phone
    • Turn off data and use only wifi in hotel
    • Look into buying international data plan for a month
    • Can Dianes phone download the GPS maps?
    • Google Fi internaltionsa rates
  • Covid test in Zurich for return flight to US
  • Train tickets to be bought 9/7 and given out when we meet outside baggage claim in Zurich airport


 Feedback from recent travelers to Switzerland

 Covid requirements to enter Switzerland

  • summary 3 documents needed to enter
    1. valid passport that will not expire in 6 months
    2. paper original proof of covid vaccine
      • New rules in Switzerland starting Sept 13 updated Sep 8
      • There is confusion as this is a quick change and Switzerland is not ready for it – go to last pages on for latest experiences of travelers
      • Rules start Sept 13 but do not get enforced heavily until end of the month
      • Feedback seems to be the paper document is good enough for outdoors and separate trains, gondolas, apartments, and B&Bs. Entry to museums and public gatherings may need teh Swiss Covid certificate.
      • we applied for one just in case. It needs a picture of passport and covid vaccine proof.
        • this is the link
        • on the left side – Application for persons vaccinated or recovered abroad
        • in the center – I hv been vaccinated outside Switzerland
        • EN was not an option, I used DE since Mom can speak it so well
        • Mobile number is +1XXXYYYZZZZ
        • Use the address of the Hotel Eden in Spiez – Seestrasse 56, 3700 Spiez, Switzerland
        • When uploading the jpegs they need to be small ~100s of KB not MB’s.
        • people report the Covid certificate arrives in the email in 1-2 days
        • I do not think this is necessary but it is an easy form to complete. Undoubtably, you will be entered in the one world database of the beast.
    3. QR code (pdf format) sent by Swiss Health Department when fill out this entry form
      • mobile phone +1 zzz xxx yyyy
      • Swiss address Seestrasse 56, 3700 Spiez Location Eden Apartments Speiz
      • They will email a QR picture. Put it on your phone and/or print and bring a paper copy
  • Based on experience of other travelers on myswissalps, Airline will check the paperwork, Swiss customs will not
  • After picking up luggage do not go through the customs declaration room in the Zurich Airport
  • besides this – mask for airport, plane (change mask every 4 hours), trains, inside all Swiss shops
  • official documents

 Covid requirements while traveling in Switzerland

 Covid requirements to re enter US

tentative itinerary of hiking campaigns

Each evening we will have 4 choices for the next day – take the hike, take another hike, do something else, rest

listing the hikes each day provides a baseline to begin the conversation

Day 1
  • Land in Switzerland
  • afternoon in Bern
  • check in
  • Visit Thun
  • Bern
    • find 11 Renaissance fountains in Old Town
    • Clock Tower in Western Gate
    • Bern Cathedral + 100 steps to top
    • Bundeshaus fountains
    • Bear Pit
    • Swim the Arne
    • Einsteins house
  • Thun
    • Thun Castle
    • Balliz
    • Ober HauptGasse
    • Ober Schleuse (floodgate)
    • Shadau Park
  • Day 2
  • Stockhorn
  • Niesen
  • two lifts in one day
  • one of these has very long lines by mid morning
  • can bring lunch on mountain top
  • walk down one
  • Day 3
  • Shynige Platte to First
  • This long walk needs an early start
  • Amazing ridge walk with great views
  • Day 4
  • Kandersteg, Oechinensee, Hohturli Pass
  • This circles the lake along the top of the rim
  • Side adventure to Hohturli Pass
  • Day 5
  • Travel to Murren
  • Niederhorn
  • Drop off luggage in Interlaken
  • Boat ride to Niederhorn
  • walk down on trail or ride lift down
  • check the boat schedules to avoid long waits
  • on to Murren
  • Day 6
  • Tanzbödeli
  • This long walk is highly recommended by Moms shirtless friend
  • Great views at the top
  • Day 7
  • Kroneberg
  • Mannlichen
  • Eiger trail
  • Easy walk
  • Might take 3 lifts and 2 trains to get to the Eiger face trail
  • check the schedules
  • Day 8
  • Gimmelwald
  • Stechlelberg
  • staubach falls
  • lauterbrunnen
  • Moms ifit hike
  • This is an easy walk
  • Until you get to the uphill part that was on ifit and took 4 days
  • Traumelbach falls
  • Staubach falls
  • Day 9
  • Schilthorn
  • Allmendhubel
  • Top meadow from flower park to train station
  • Nice views at the top
  • Expensive 48.50 per person
  • walk down is half price
  • Day 10
  • Graveyard
  • pig spit fire
  • Pfingstegg glacier
  • travel to Breinz
  • Kauffmanns in the graveyard
  • gondola with flowers
  • Glacier is a long walk
  • Check out Grindelwald – not much to see
  • Day 11
  • Brienzer Rothorn Train
  • HarderGrat Hike
  • Latgsli
  • William Tell
  • Get the early train
  • The HarderGrat hike is strenuous and not to be done in the rain but great views the entire way
  • Willian Tell or Latsgi are shorter
  • Day 12
  • Meiringen / Hasliberg
  • 6 hikes to choose from
  • Lots of choices
  • some not as difficult
  • ridge walk may be challenging
  • Day 13
  • Geisbach Falls
  • Another hike from one of these: Meiringen/Hasliberg/Rothorn
  • Geisbach Falls is a boat ride and very short walk behind a waterfall
  • May want to revisit a longer hike
  • Day 14
  • Travel to Appenzell
  • Lucerne
  • Appenzell – Coop food for lunches
  • Lucerne
    • flower bridge
    • Stone Lion
    • walk the wall and climb the towers
  • Appenzell
    • Coop for lunch food
    • one row of shops
  • Day 15
  • EbenAlp
  • church in the rocks
  • Schafler
  • If walk down can go up Eben Alp 2X
  • Lunch at the top restaurant
  • Walk up backside with cliff?
  • Day 16
  • Scooter lift plus hike or bus all the way
  • Santis
  • walk down
  • The walk down from Santis will never be forgotten
  • bring a lunch, it is a long walk
  • do not spend to long at the top
  • Day 17
  • Hoher Kosten
  • Hike down
  • Visit AppenZell
  • Cow Parade
  • After Santis Hoher Kosten will seem lame
  • maybe ride the lift back down
  • Look for days of Cow parade
  • Day 18
  • EbenAlp 2nd time
  • If walked down Eben Alp have 1 ticket left
  • Walk part way up the other side of Santis
  • come back behind lake and avoid the steep road
  • Day 19
  • Travel to Zurich
  • Jet Hotel
  • Zurich
  • Covid test
  • Tour Zurich City
  • Old Town
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Chinese Gardens Grossmunster
  • Bahnhoffstraus $$$$hopping
  • walk old town
  • Day 20
  • Fly Home at noon
  • planes 

     first wave of tourists arrive in Zurich Sept 15  3:45PM ( spend night in Zurich)

    Second wave arrives in Zurich Sept 16 8:30AM ( We now have all day to get to the first nights lodging. The goal is to stay awake until the sun sets to quickly adjust to the time change. Long train rides are not good for staying awake. We will likely take a walking tour of Bern on the way to the hotel is Spiez (Luggage will be stored in lockers at the train station) After Bern, drop off luggage at Hotel – Ride boat to Thun for quick walking tour

     depart Zurich Oct 5 1:00PM  ( leave the Jet hotel in the morning, 10 minute bus ride to Zurich airport, planes leave around 11:00????)


    Tickets are purchsaed and printed. We will deliver them to you at the Zurich airport.

    We bought the Swiss half fare card. This give 1/2 price on all train purchases. BOB – 2 passes to give 14 days. Purchase one way train fares before we leave US. One way train fares between hotels not in the BOB region, Zurich to Bern, Lucern to Schwende, Schwende to Zurich, and the Schilthorn and Santis lifts (Diane wants to save 8CHF and walk down from Santis but does not want to do it alone)

    Swiss half fare cardEnables 1/2 price on all train purchases
    airport to Bern – Bern to Spiez hotel, boat to Thun, BOBindividual  ticket 28/49
    Murren & Spiez  & Brienz BOB regional ticket BOB pass  BOB is short for Berner OBerland
    Brienz to Luzern, Luzern to SchwendeBOB
    individual ticket 28/49
    Schwende/ Appenzell included with hotel Appenzeller-Holiday-Card
    Schwende to Rumlang or ZurichIndividual ticket 20/33
    (R to Z and back) 6.80
    27 or 19
    Swiss Half Fare Card: Discounts on trains, lifts, stuff around Switzerland

    Half Fare Info on BLS

    Half Fare Area of Validity: (Official site download) Half Fare Area of Validity: (Official site download)
    BOB Pass: Regional Pass in the Bernese Oberland – Murren & Spiez & Brienz

    BOB regional ticket BOB pass BOB is short for Berner OBerland

    BOB Area of Validity: (Official site download)BOB Panoramic Map of the hikes and coverage: (Official site download)
    Appenzeller Card: Schwende/ Appenzell

    included with hotel Appenzeller-Holiday-Card

    Appenzell Validity Map: (Official site with perks)Ebenalp/Appenzell Hiking Map: (Official site with hikes)
    Swiss Travel Pass: Travel around Switzerland

    Swiss Pass Info Lifts are only 50% off or less

    Swiss Pass Area of Validity: (Official site download)

    lodging to stay out of the rains

    rooms confirmed ( Spiez not yet finalized )

    Spiez4 nights- Eden Apartments cooking, shared laundryEden Apartments are short downhill walk from the train station. What goes down must come up again. Speiz is centrally located to many hikes near Lake Thun and Kandersteg. Visit city of Thun. Visit Bern on the train trip from the airport.
    Murren5 nights – Chalet Fontana cooking, no laundryWe are renting the entire chalet and can use the kitchen. Cliff walking, hang gliding, Grindelwald, Faulhorn, Schilthorn,
    Brienz4 nights – Carpe Diem Kitchen, Washing MachineOn Lake Brienz. Near the boat dock and train station. Hiking in Mieringen, Brienzer Rothorn train ride. Visit Lucerne.
    Schwende5 nights – Hotel Alpenblick Breakfast included, no cooking, no laundryHiking in the Appenzell mountains
    Zurich1 night – JET Hotel BreakfastFinal night in Switzerland in Zurich to reduce stress on getting to the airport on time. Could visit Zurich the day before

    Hikes – leg strains





    Nuggets for your brains

    In these following links are a compiled bunch of possibly-useful info: Switzerland overview, some things we have learned, and some helpful links. Enjoy 🙂

    Map of our traveling domains

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