2015 San Francisco Marathon

Run Log – Sunday, July 26, 2015

Run Log – Sunday, July 26, 2015

San Francisco Marathon 2015

Well, we didn’t walk or eat much, but we did jog a bunch, walk a little, drink a lot of water and electrolytes, and eat some pickles! View below the Blog and the Gallery. (Side note: Recipe Links will be added later. 🙂 )

Sunday, July 26: San Francisco Marathon

Today, we ran the San Francisco Marathon and Half! In case you are wondering, the beard logos are for Dan’s beard oil company: National Beard Co., http://www.nationalbeard.com/

The Thursday Fuel Food was Fettuccine, made by Mom. See the Recipe 🙂

Friday’s Fuel Meal was Marinara and Meatballs. See the Recipe 🙂

Mom also baked some delicious Chocolate Cupcakes. See the Recipe 🙂

The expo began at 9 and we wanted to make sure we got up to San Francisco before the free parking was all taken and we wanted to miss traffic so we left around 7 and did miss all the traffic and did get free parking. However, we arrived an hour early and the wind was chilly! We walked along the water for a bit to take in the view.

Bryan and Jen posed in the cold wind. It was very foggy when we arrived.

Erika wore a bright jacket to attract attention to our National Beard Co. shirts. Too bad it was way too cold to take off our jackets!

At the expo, the crazy runners were gathered to run with Dean. We just watched them all be very excited.

After the expo we headed back to start making our Pre-Race Grilled Pizzas. See the Recipe 🙂 Notice the pizza stone. The temperature of that stone exceeded 600 degrees so it is no wonder that the pizza crust burned to a crisp. Every time we make pizzas, we have to re-remember the grilling secrets of amazing grilled pizzas. Also, newly learned… Mom’s hotpads will disintegrate if left under a 600+ degree pizza stone.

We were confused by the wording of the grocery list during the shopping trip and only got fresh mozzarella.

These pizzas were delicious, although a bit crispy and charcoaly on the bottom.

The toppings were fresh and juicy.

Of course, Mom made the tomato, basil, mozzarella pizza. The mozzarella was from Bryan’s farm.

Just another variation. You can see all the black crust. 🙁

Now it is time for shirt decorating! We picked up a few tech shirts while out. The black shirts in the center are the ones created previously and worn to the expo. This year, we are repping Dan’s beard oil company: National Beard Co.

These, along with black and white, are the vinyl color choices. Bryan had the gray shirt with the green logo front and back and his shirts had a green bearded man face as well. Jonah had the blue shirt with the yellow lettering front and back. Jonah’s shorts had yellow, fuzzy yellow, and orange lettering. Erika had the teal shirt with the sparkly silver logo in front and a huge bearded man face in the back. Kristin made two shirts. The purple shirt had a fuzzy yellow beard man face with black lettering front and back and leftover beard men faces lining the back. The black shirt had sparkly silver bearded man face and orange lettering in the front and a really huge orange bearded man face in the back. Unfortunately that large face burned during transfer. To resolve that, glitter paint was applied because glitter solves everything. In the end, the burned face looked like an intended shadow.

We arrived in San Francisco race morning early. It was dark and cold but not too unbearable. We all repped National Beard Co. on our shirts and some shorts

An interesting water show.

Bay Bridge in the morning light.

Erika and Kristin headed over to the half marathon start after Jen, Kristin, and Erika cheered on Bryan and Jonah in their wave. The bus ride was long. “What did I sign up for? We have been driving a really long way!”
Here’s some pics taken by the SFM Photographers of Us during the Run

I’m beating Jonah

Get outta my way!

I’m gonna win!

Ho Ho Ho! I’m a young Santa Claus.

heh… I lost Bryan

I gotta lose some weight

Are we done YET?

20000. yeah!

Still trucking

I have cool shorts

yep. I’m repping National Beard Co., but have no beard.

hey there

this is a bad picture, no doubt!

I’m as red as this guy’s shirt.

Remember the year I ran through the “in the Buff’ party. Yikes. That was embarrassing!

I’m going to sprint past these people so I can get some water!

I haven’t made it too far yet. almost there!!

It’s a bird. It’s a plane…

No, It’s Superman!!!

Superman ain’t got nothing on me!

Just breathe. Don’t think about the leg cramps!

Still breathing

and still

yeah! I finished!

With my after marathon hairdo!

I bet Kristin is done by now.

I can make it, since I booted that deadweight I call Jonah and Erika.

Hey! Victory dance!

Watch out I’m gonna Barf.

oh oh oh how much longer do i have to hold this gross coconut water?

i see the light at the end of the tunnel

I thinkI can. I think I can.

People are cheering for me. I can make it! And I can get rid of this nasty water

Remember Suncrest. This is nothing.

Look at all those people chasing me down.

Finishing stretch!

I want my PB/Pickle sandwich

No more burdensome coconut water!

She said SPRINT!

Why did I listen to that crazy sideline lady. Now I really have to vomit!!!
And we’re back to our victory pics after the race

Well, we finished the race; all within 20 minutes of each other. During the race we bumped into each other a couple of times. Jonah, Kristin, and Bryan sprinted down a steep hill, then split. Erika, Bryan, and Jonah kept splitting and meeting. Thankfully, we were all able to stand and walk reasonably well. Erika’s smile is covering a desire to vomit all over the sidewalk, even though she ran more consistently than ever before due to her Saturday morning Suncrest Hill training. Bryan’s smile is a grimace of pain and happiness because he recently lost 15 pounds due to a weird illness and wasn’t able to train to his normal standards. Jonah is smiling because he gets to show off his new fuzzy logo. Kristin is smiling because she crossed the finish line first, though she only ran the Half.

Notice the awesome back logos. Next year, Caleb, Jess, Wesley, and ? – we need you in this picture! 🙂

This is our relaxing view as we sit in our usual cool-down spot.

Bryan found a comfortable spot and exposed his aching feet to the ‘fresh’ air.

Yep, we look utterly exhausted.

I just ran a marathon. I hurt.

Erika and I need to pick up our Half It All medals for completing the two second halves. So we head over to the Challenges medal pickup tent

Erika’s shirt is still shiny even if she is feeling barfy.

After the medal pickup we head to the next resting place. It is very peaceful and has both sunny and shady seats.

This is our recovery food: Peanut Butter and Pickle sandwiches (don’t knock it until you try it!) along with Recovery Concoction made by Mom. See the Recipe 🙂 We also had some really strong Gatorade and Tang.

Bryan is enjoying the Peanut Butter and Pickle sandwiches.

We love PB/Pickle!

Jonah ate 4 or 5 sandwiches.

Even though Erika was sick, she ate a few sandwiches, and this seemed to cure her.

Notice Kristin chowing down on that sandwich.

The trees and flowers were nce. Notice that purple flowering tree.

This is the fuzzy leafed bush that Dad has in the backyard. Beware, it has grown full and tall!

Once we made it back to the house, Mom had made up some delicious chicken. See the Recipe 🙂

Kristin’s Run Details

Bryan’s Run Details

Jonah’s Run Details.

Erika’s Run Details
Here’s some generic, but cool, pics taken by the SFM Photographers
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