Dream of Lake Geneva

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Area Overview
  • Lake Geneva / Lac Léman is a beautiful area in the west point of Switzerland. The lake is partly in Switzerland and partly in France. This area of Switzerland is mainly French-speaking. There are many castles and medieval towns around the lake and in the surrounding areas. Access to the Alps is to the east. The area is great for local sightseeing, museum touring, relaxing in parks, cruising on the lakes, walking through vineyards and flower promenades; but, also can access many other close attractions.
Internal Areas/Towns/Villages/Cities/Etc.

Areas plotted on Google Maps: You don’t want to walk this trail; however, just view it as a reference for where all these villages are located.

Around Lake Geneva / Lac Lèman

Day (or partial day) trips

Things to Do/Visit
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Other Notes
  • Area Pass: If it is offered/applies, make use of the local pass instead of the Swiss Pass
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