2020-01-03: Day 17 – Colorado Christmas Trip

Our Excursion: 2020-01-03: Day 17 – Colorado Christmas Trip (Part of trip: 2019 Colorado Christmas )
Date of our excursion: 2020-01-03
Location: Arapaho National Forest

Our Planned Itinerary:

Eat danishes (yum!!!)
Hike off the danishes in Arapaho National Forest on the Upper Maxwell Falls trail.
Take pics of the gingerbread houses.
Make cookies.

Travelers on this Excursion:

We hit some cool places.

Continents: North America
Countries: US
States/Provinces/Cantons/Regions: Colorado
Cities/Villages/Towns: Evergreen

Some featured areas we visited:

The day starts with delicious danishes: multi-berry/cream cheese and nutella/banana/dulce de leche. Very delicious! For our hike we head to the Arapaho National Forest and hike the Upper Maxwell Falls trail. The trail is just about completely covered in snow. Great hiking! The hike starts out very very cold. Erika and Mom stayed pretty chilly the majority of the hike. We find the waterfall towards the end of the hike. The trek down to the creek to find the waterfall was the only slippery part and some of us wore our chains and cleats to gain some traction. We did have to climb uphill to finish the hike. This helped us all warm up. In the parking lot, we got to push a car out of a snowbank. Fat Camp – we lift cars!

Here are some of our pics…

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