2020-01-05: Day 19 – Colorado Christmas Trip

Our Excursion: 2020-01-05: Day 19 – Colorado Christmas Trip (Part of trip: 2019 Colorado Christmas )
Date of our excursion: 2020-01-05
Location: Genesee Park

Our Planned Itinerary:

Church service
Visit the buffalo
Hike around Genesee Mountain
Eat at the Cuisine of the Himalayas
Make Fruit and nut bread

Travelers on this Excursion:

We hit some cool places.

Continents: North America
Countries: US
States/Provinces/Cantons/Regions: Colorado
Cities/Villages/Towns: Evergreen

Some featured areas we visited:

The hike today was by far the coldest! We began by checking out the bison herd on the side of the highway. Next, we headed over to the trail and began the trip around the mountain. We made this trail an out and back instead of a loop because we missed one of the switchbacks and followed the trail to a road which did not yield another trail. We saw the right path on the way back but maybe we’ll try that next time. After the freezing hike, we decided to eat at Cuisine of the Himalayas. Three of us got the buffet and Erika got Chicken chow chow so she could manage the heat level. We all stuffed ourselves on the delicious food. Back at the house we baked up the Fruit and Nut loaf that had been rising since this morning. It was quite tasty and we stuffed another slice into our gullets to top off the himalayan food.

Here are some of our pics…

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