2020-01-06: Day 20 – Colorado Christmas Trip

Our Excursion: 2020-01-06: Day 20 – Colorado Christmas Trip (Part of trip: 2019 Colorado Christmas )
Date of our excursion: 2020-01-06
Location: Elk Meadow Park

Our Planned Itinerary:

Head to costco to buy some pork tenderloins
Hike Elk Meadow park in the wind chill
Bake and eat Bialys
Bake and eat Grissini
Bake and eat pork tenderloins and crispy crowns
Prep dough for bagels

Travelers on this Excursion:

We hit some cool places.

Continents: North America
Countries: US
States/Provinces/Cantons/Regions: Colorado
Cities/Villages/Towns: Evergreen

Some featured areas we visited:
Some points of interest we hit:

Today it is windy and cold! Wind gusts are up to 75MPH. So of course, why not head out for a hike? We use this as an opportunity to wear all our layers, hats, gloves, scarves, and crampons. The beginning of the hike was so incredibly cold and windy that breathing was hard and our faces were numbing. Finally we reached the trees and stepped out of the wind and up the hill. It was strenuous but not as windy. What a relief! The crampons worked great and were able to actually walk the loop without much slipping. We again met the wind at the last hill before the parking lot. Chilly!
The hike wore us out so we need some food! Filled bialys – egg, jelly, goat cheese – is baked first. Very delicious. We eat them right out of the oven. Next we bake grissini (crunchy, skinny breadsticks). Also delicious! The sous vide pork for dinner was amazing – moist and flavorful. Dessert was cinnamon and sugar grissini. These are especially great with frosting drizzled.

Here are some of our pics…

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