2019-12-27: Day 10 – Colorado Christmas Trip 1

Our Excursion: 2019-12-27: Day 10 – Colorado Christmas Trip (Part of trip: 2019 Colorado Christmas )
Date of our excursion: 2019-12-27
Location: Bergen Park

Our Planned Itinerary:

Devour lemon blueberry coffeecake.
Walk the Bergen Park Loop for acclimation.
Eat at the Bagelry.
Dinner of Sous Vide cajun turkey, potatoes au gratin, broccoli cheese stuff, cheese rolls.

Travelers on this Excursion:

Bergen Park

We hit some cool places.

Continents: North America
Countries: US
States/Provinces/Cantons/Regions: Colorado
Cities/Villages/Towns: Evergreen

Some featured areas we visited:

Erika has arrived so we need to make her lemon blueberry coffeecake muffins. It’s Christmastime so we add red and green jimmys and white chips to the batter. After we eat breakfast, we head to the relatively easy Bergen Park loop for Erika to begin her acclimation to the altitude and cold. Erika wears many layers but is cold (and also very sleepy). Too bad the sun didn’t want to be out today. The next stop is the bagelry for some amazing bagels! Dinner is Sous Vide cajun turkey (so moist and delicious!), potatoes au gratin, broccoli cheese stuff, cheese rolls. Erika has a version of all that without the cheese. We discover today that even though the experimental cookies from yesterday seem like they would be perfect, highly absorbent, milk-dipping cookies, they are not. Rather, they are highly suitable for cookie cereal. Just crumble them into chunks, toss them in a bowl of milk, wait a few, dig in and enjoy the non-soggy cereal. Seriously amazing.

Here are some of our pics…

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