20140906: We are here, we are here, we are here

The plane rides were both quite uneventful; except for the fact they were so small you could barely move. Dan, good thing you aren’t flying on this airline!

Both legs were delayed.  Sfo by about 1 hour. Amsterdam i think almost 2 hours.  But we made the connecting flight!

I’m wondering if there used to be only 2 larger seats instead of three. The stewardess kept skipping the poor lady on the side of me. Dad had to keep asking the stewardess for the lady’s food and drinks. She was small, but not that small!

On the way from Amsterdam to Zurich we were flying just above the clouds. They looked like giant white cotton candy. Some were puffy and low and some just shot way up high. Still very puffy and white. After a while i started looking for pictures in the clouds. I saw so many interesting things.

  • A bears face that changed as we went by to a gorilla holding up one arm holding a banana
  • A poodle
  • Another type of dog
  • The monkey with the blue bum in lion king.
  • There were some others but i can’t think right now. I have gotten about an hour of sleep since i woke up friday morning at 6!
  • But the best cloud picture was a giant rubber ducky!
Took a 2 hour train ride to our hotel and went for a walk along the river. It is very pretty here.
Updated weather from the hotel for the next 4 days is sunny or partly sunny. If the weather for the rest of the trip is like today, even though there were a few sprinkles on the walk, then i brought way too much stuff to prepare for the colder weather we were supposed to have! Oh the internets!!
I will send some pics once I take them off the camera. The gallery will follow once I upload them…

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