Day “I” in the Adventure Countdown   Recently updated !

Today we say Welcome! or more appropriately: wilkommen!! to the newest member of our Future Adventurers Club: Mrs. Jackie Van Dyke! She is even learning to yodel and will be performing for us this Christmas with other members of her yodeling group: The Van Dyke Family Yodelers. 🙂 Don’t worry, Caleb and Jessica, they will also be performing over skype so you won’t have to miss out! In case any of you are wondering who is in her five voice group, joining our New Adventurer Club member Mrs Van Dyke are Mr Van Dyke, Rhonda, and Jacqueline as the four core members! The fifth voice is a rotating position that is awarded to one lucky Van Dyke family member at a time.

So, Willkommen, Frau Jackie Van Dyke, um unsere Abenteurer Club! You may relay to Mr Van Dyke, Rhonda, and Jacqueline that they may also join our Club if they stop eating all the cupcakes and cookies we give YOU!! 😉

Today’s phrase word is Intra-country-transportation. The Intra-country-transportation network in Switzerland is immense! According to Wikipedia: The Swiss public transport network has a total length of 24’500 kilometres and comprises more than 26’000 stations and stops.

The electrification of Switzerland’s railroads began early in the 20th century and was completed in the 1960’s. All lines are 100% electrified, only a few local trunks to industries are operated by diesel engines (museum railroads not counted).

Dan, you will be happy: The punctuality of Switzerland’s public transport system is supervised and the goals of 95% arrivals with less than 5 minutes delay and 75% with less than 1 minute delay are regularly achieved in the monthly statistics.

Here is an overview of some routes, highlights, and general information on the Swiss Intra-country-transportation:

Following are a few routes that are more than just basic transportation getting you from point A to point B. But seriously, how can any train ride through Switzerland be anything but beautiful! There are many many more, but these are just a sampling.

Well, enjoy the links – whether you click on them and read the details or just look at them in this email 🙂 Does anyone know what the code is yet? 🙂