2020-02-16: Day 1 Sarasota Trip 1

Our Excursion: 2020-02-16: Day 1 Sarasota Trip (Part of trip: 2020 Sarasota Florida )
Date of our excursion: 2020-02-16
Location: Sarasota, Florida

Our Planned Itinerary:

  • Land in Sarasota.
  • Ski-A-Rees.
  • Begin food clearout.
  • First Views of Monkey House.

Travelers on this Excursion:

Sarasota, Florida

We hit some cool places.

Continents: North America
Countries: US
States/Provinces/Cantons/Regions: Florida
Cities/Villages/Towns: Sarasota

Some featured areas we visited:
Some points of interest we hit:

Day 1 in Florida!

Here are some of our pics…

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