Day “R” in the Adventure Countdown

Well, it is the final day of the countdown as we leave this morning in a few hours! Today is Day R: Ready or Not Here We Come! Did everyone fit all their paraphernalia in their tiny suitcases? Don’t forget your passports and train tickets (I have all the rail passes, by the way…)

Grandma, we will see you in baggage claim! Find a nice comfortable seat and we will find you. 🙂
All – once we arrive in Switzerland, make it to the hotel, and find some wifi, we will upload the last few days’ pictures and updates for you to enjoy! Then I am going to SLEEP!
What has this Adventure Countdown been about? Let’s Recap:
  • Solar Auras
  • Edelweiss
  • Appenzell
  • Tolkien
  • Yodel-odel-A-E-huuuuuuuu!!!
  • Rain Rain Go Away! Come again just about every day we are in Switzerland! 
  • Intra-country-transportation 
  • Purely Peaceful and Pulse-Pounding in Preda
  • Evil is Conquered on the Schilthorn!
  • Rollicking Routes ’round MuRRen
  • Bernard, St
  • Ready or Not Here We Come!

So, are these just random letters I pulled from the air, as Dan suspects? Or does this mean anything? Why, of course there is a meaning! Is SWEATYRIPERBR a word? (Used in a sentence: “That is a nice sweatyriperbr”) Not that I know of. Do you know the word or phrase? Any guesses???? 🙂 🙂