Day “R” in the Adventure Countdown   Recently updated !

Hi Everyone!
Mom and Dad made it to Switzerland. The flight was pretty uneventful besides being delayed, and the seats were small. They walked along a river today after traveling by train to their hotel location. It is pretty! Once I have pictures I will share them. Mom noted the local weather report states only minimal rain, if any, and temperatures in the low to mid 70’s! Boy, that’s different than the weather forecast we saw! Maybe we don’t need our galoshes after all!!
I am calling today: Rollicking Routes ’round MuRRen; It is Day “R”

Murren is a lovely village in the Alps. The houses are stereotypical Swiss style with dark wood construction and plenty of red flowers bursting out of window boxes. We love to hike here and also love to eat the vast breakfasts Denise prepares at the Chalet we use as the base camp for our hiking adventures around the area.  
I am going to paste below a pile of Hikes and Walks that range from easy to Strenuous/Challenging. We can review these and see if there are any we want to explore. The Falhourn hike is included! 🙂 Also a few Suspension Bridge hikes! (File also attached for your convenience) Notice, some of the hikes even list places to eat before, during, or after the hike. That’s my kind of hike!! We can eat AND walk!! 🙂 
Ridge Hike over the Justi Valley
    The views are unto themselves on this challenging ridge hike connecting the Niederhorn (Peak 1963 m.a.s.l.), easily accessible by chairlift, with Mt. Gemmenalphorn (2061 m.a.s.l.) and which veers down towards Habkern. The snowy peaks of the Bernese Alps vie with the karst cliffs of Hohgant and the Prealpine Region.
  Technical information
  Begin of tour: Niederhorn
  Point of arrival: Habkern
  Access starting point: From Beatenberg by cableway to Niederhorn
  Access point of arrival: Habkern
  Physical fitness: medium
  Difficulty: medium
  Hiking time: 4h
  Length: 9.7 km
  Season: May till October
    The views are unto themselves on this challenging ridge hike connecting the Niederhorn (Peak 1963 m.a.s.l.), easily accessible by chairlift, with Mt. Gemmenalphorn (2061 m.a.s.l.) and which veers down towards Habkern. To the South get a glimpse of shimmering Lake Thun, framed in a mosaic of dark forests and light-green pastures, and above it the mountain triumvirate Eiger, Mönch und Jungrfrau.To the North is the sickle-shaped Justi Valley which ends up in Eriz. It is recommended to walk silently in order to maybe catch ibex playing on the rocks and cliffs of the Niederhorngrat. In the North, the Hohgant towers high, and there is a primeval forest-like region in the karst-like landscape on its Southern flank. Then pass through the bird paradise Seefeld, which is part of the nature reserve Hohgant. Here, the hiking trail winds over the Grünenberg Pass and through the Trogen Fen, down into Habkern.
    How to get there:
    Drive or take public transportation to Beatenberg via Thun. From there, take the chairlift to the peak of Mt. Niederhorn.
Hohgant: Schrattenkalk limestone formations and white-peaked mountains as tempting as meringues
    The mighty Hohgant rises at the borderline between Entlebuch and Bernese Oberland, guarding the entrance to the High Alps. A very rewarding but at the same time challenging tour takes you from Habkern to the Furggengütsch, opening up a panoramic vista of the Alps, Mittelland and the Jurassic mountains.
  Technical information
  Begin of tour: Habkern
  Point of arrival: Kemmeriboden (Schnagnau)
  Access starting point: Postauto
  Access point of arrival: Postauto
  Physical fitness: extreme
  Difficulty: challenging
  Hiking time: 6h30
  Length: 17.5 km
  Season: June – October
  Panorama: Stunning panoramic view of the Alpine chain, Mittelland and Jura
  Overnight: Kemmeriboden, Habkern
  Various: Extraordinarily diverse Alpine flora
    Habkern – Trogenmoos – Alp Traubach -Haglätsch – Steinigi Matte – Furggengütsch – Schärpfenberg – Kemmeriboden
    Past imposing limestone formations, across stretches of scree and through mountainous woodlands, the trail dips slowly towards its destination: Kemmeriboden Bad, a marvelous spa resort, where much more than meringues will tempt you.
Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau in your field of vision
  Wilderswil / Schynige Platte
    The alpine hike from Schynigen Platte (plateau) across Faulhorn up to First is a classic among the Bernese alpine hikes. A magnificent scenic backdrop of alpine peaks is your constant companion throughout the tour. The all-round panorama from Faulhorn is simply indescribably beautiful. Turquoise-blue Brienz Lake lies far below and the silhouette of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau loom on the horizon on the other side.
  Technical information
  Starting point: Schynige Platte
  Destination: Cableway station Grindelwald First
  Getting to the starting point: By train from Grindelwald to Wilderswil and by rack-railway to Schynige Platte
  Getting to the destination: Return trip by chair-lift from First to Grindelwald (round-trip tickets available)
  Technique: medium to difficult
  Physical Fitness: medium to difficult
  Length: 15.9km
  Hiking Time: 6h
  Gastronomy: Schynige Platte, Männdlenen, Faulhorn, First
  Season: July – October
    Schynige Platte – Männdlenen – Faulhorn – Bachalpsee – First
    The route begins at Schynigen Platte, and takes you first in the direction of Faulhorn. You will traverse gorgeous alpine meadows, full of grazing sheep in the summer. Later on the route goes steeply upwards, crossing rocky regions. You will finally reach Faulhorn via a ridge path. When the weather is nice there are a lot of visitors at the mountain restaurant and rooms are fully booked for months. A zig-zag path leads from Faulhorn down to Bachalpsee (Bachalp Lake). A relatively flat path with spectacular views leads to First, the conclusion of the magnificent alpine tour.
From the Männlichen to the Kleine Scheidegg
    The classic among panoramic hikes. This simple, short hike offers a unique view of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.
  Technical information
    Getting to the starting point: train to Wengen and aerial cable car to Männlichen or train to Grindelwald Grund and gondola lift Männlichen. 
    Getting to the destination: train from Kleine Scheidegg
    Level of technical expertise/difficulty: easy
    Level of physical condition required: low
    Gradient: 154 meters downhill
    Hiking time: 1 hour and 30 minutes
    Season: June to October
    From the Männlichen at an elevation of 2,230 meters above sea level, one traverses the unique comfortably easy high path in a southerly direction. Hikers then walk along the eastern flank of Tschuggen Alp, always at the same altitude, until they reach Honegg. Hikers skirt a rocky spur of the Lauberhorn and subsequently reach Mountain Restaurant Grindelwaldblick. From there Kleine Scheidegg (2,061 meters above sea level) is quickly reached.
Eiger Trail: The Swiss Alpine Experience Trail
  Eigergletscher – Grindelwald
    No trail comes closer to the famous Eiger North Face – with the Eiger Trail you are guaranteed two hours of top notch thrills.
  Technical information
  Starting point: Eigergletscher
  Destination: Grindelwald
  Getting to the starting point: Train to Eigergletscher train station
  Getting to the destination: Train from Alpiglen station to Grindelwald
  Technique: medium
  Physical fitness: medium
  Length: 6km
  Hiking time: 1h50
  Season: July till October
    The Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau (the Ogre, Monk and Maiden) – the world famous trio of mountain peaks – is the impressive backdrop to the Jungfrau region and has attracted tourists and mountaineers to the Bernese Oberland since pioneering days. The Jungfrau Railway is no less impressive, while the northern flank of the Eiger, with its vertical drop of more than 1600 metres, has always attracted the world’s best climbers.
    Those with the courage and the desire to get just that little bit closer to the breathtaking Eiger North Face and tackle a superlative high alpine adventure can take the Jungfrau Railway to the station at Eigergletscher and set out on the Eiger Trail. Shortly after starting on this route, you’ll find yourself right in front of the famous rock face itself, and above you to the right you’ll notice the metal ladders that climbers to the Eiger-Rotstock Via Ferrata use to gain access. From here on, the trail runs for an hour along the foot of the Eiger North Face, sparkling with a beautiful view over the Wetterhorn and the Grosse Scheidegg.
    Difficult sections are secured with ropes. If you have brought your binoculars, you’ll be able to see the climbers up against the rock face. The train station sells postcards that show all the routes up this mountain. Towards the end of the tour the trail zigzags boldly down to Alpiglen train station.
Coming Down from the Grosse Scheidegg
    Mt.Wetterhorn rises majestically and is easily recognizably just above the Grosse Scheidegg. It is just because it is so close to the famous mountain triumvirate Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau that it is less known, but injustly so. The Grosse Scheidegg is the shortest connection between Grindelwald and Meiringen and is in itself a point of departure for many great hikes.
  Technical information
  Starting point: Pass Grosse Scheidegg
  Destination: Grindelwald
  Getting to the starting point: bus from Grindelwald to Grosse Scheidegg
  Hiking time: 4 h
  Season: July through October
  Altitude difference: 200 m ascent and 1130 m descent
  Condition: intermediate to difficult
  Place to eat: Grosse Scheidegg, First, Bort, Grindelwald
    A bus takes hikers and others up to the nearly 2000-meter-high Grosse Scheidegg. The road, with its narrow hairpin curves, is otherwise closed to the public. Once there, begin hiking towards the First. At Point 2006 a mountain trail forks off. Shortly before reaching the mountain station of the First chairlift, take the left fork. There is a rather steep descent to the plateau of Bort. From here, the route continues straight down to Grindelwald. In the last part of the hike, the trail leads through fairly dense forests.
The awe-inspiring north face of the Eiger
  Technical information
  Begin of tour: Kleine Scheidegg railway station
  End of tour: Brandegg station
  Access starting point: Cog railway up to Kleine Scheidegg
  Access point of arrival: Cog railway back to Grindelwald
  Technical requirements: easy
  Physical fitness: easy
  Hiking time: 2 h
  Length: 7 km
  Gastronomy: Kleine Scheidegg, Alpiglen, Brandegg
    Described thousands of times over, yet no less breathtaking for that – the talk is of the world-famous Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau panorama. The nearest we can get to it is Kleine Scheidegg. Nor is the Wetterhorn on the other side of the valley any less fantastic. This hike from Kleine Scheidegg to Alpiglen and from there down to Brandalp, in other words, is one long panorama.
With views of the Eiger North Face
    Superlative winter hiking trail in the First region above Grindelwald to the frozen Bachalpsee with magnificent views of the Wetterhorn, Schreckhorn and the Eiger north face.
  Technical information
  Begin of tour: Grindelwald / First
  End of tour: Bort / Grindelwald
  Access starting point: Railway to Grindelwald, cable railway to First.
  Access point of arrival: Cable railway from Bort to Grindelwald.
  Technical requirements: easy
  Physical fitness: medium
  Hiking time: 3 h
  Length: 11 km
  Gastronomy: • Berggasthaus First
    • Berggasthaus Waldspitz
    • Berghaus Bort
    The sunny First area above Grindelwald affords magnificent views of the Wetterhorn, Schreckhorn and Eiger North Face and it is in this superb setting that this winter hiking trail takes you down to Bort. From the cable railway mountain station at First the trail rises gently to the Gummihütte. Shortly before you reach the frozen Bachalpsee there is a fork in the trail. To the right the trail branches off to the Faulhorn (Tip: suitable for experienced and fit winter hikers) while to the left, the route takes you down to Bort across snowy Alpine meadows. After a steep descent to Bachläger the trail levels out a bit and continues on to Waldspitz where a welcoming mountain restaurant will tempt you to stop and take a break. Then you will pass through a wooded area as you descend to Nodhalten and continue along an almost level route to the cable railway middle station at Bort. Tip: The descents are also ideal for tobogganing (toboggans may be hired at the cable railway valley station). There is also a toboggan run from Bort to Grindelwald/Mühlebach.
Winter walking from Männlichen to Kleine Scheidegg
  Jungfrau Region  
    The winter walking route offering picture book views of the Eiger north face, Mönch and Jungfrau.
  Technical information
  Begin of tour: Männlichen Mountainstation
  End of tour: Kleine Scheidegg
  Access starting point: Cable car from Grindelwald Grund
  Access point of arrival: Cable car from Kleine Scheidegg
  Technical requirements: easy
  Physical fitness: easy
  Hiking time: 2 h 30 min.
  Length: 5 km
    The route descends gently from the sun terrace to the Arvengarten and then ascends back up to the Kleine Scheidegg.
Valley of the 72 waterfalls: Lauterbrunnen-Stechelberg
    Lauterbrunnen with its most famous landmark, the impressive Staubbach Falls, is the gateway to one of the most spectacular valleys in Switzerland. A total of 72 waterfalls gush down into the Lauterbrunnen valley from the vertical cliff faces, some of which are several hundred metres high.
  Technical information
  Starting point: Lauterbrunnen railway station
  Destination: ‘Hotel Stechelberg’ Postbus stop
  Getting to the starting point: Train from Interlaken Ost
  Getting to the destination: Bus to Lauterbrunnen and train to Interlaken Ost
  Technique: easy
  Physical fitness: easy
  Length: 9km
  Hiking time: 3h
  Season: April to November
    This mostly flat walk from Lauterbrunnen to Stechelberg offers deep insights into this unique natural spectacle.
    Even in the past the magnificent landscape of Lauterbrunnental Valley fascinated many a mountain hiker. The characteristic trough valley is depicted in many school books as a classic example of this type of valley. The unique and extraordinary waterfalls in particular made a lasting impression. Goethe was inspired by his memories of Staubbach to write his famous “Song of the Spirits over the Water”. Staubbach, Trümmelbach and Schmadrifällen waterfalls are some of the water wonders of the valley.
Jungfraujoch – Mönchsjoch
    At the mountain station (3454 m), simply walk through the tunnel and out onto the Jungfraufirn.
    Here, you can begin a snow trek to the Obere Mönchsjoch and the clearly visible Mönchsjoch hut, which serves food and provides basic overnight accommodation at an altitude of 3650 m. The trail through the snow is marked from April to Oktober; strong footwear is essential – after all, you’re in the high Alps! 
Above the Bernese Oberland’s Grand Canyon
    Pleasant winter trail high above the Lauterbrunnen Valley with stunning panoramic views of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.
  Technical information
  Begin of tour: Lauterbrunnen / Grütschalp
  End of tour: Mürren
  Access starting point: By train to Lauterbrunnen, then cable railway to Grütschalp
  Access point of arrival: By train to Grütschalp, then cable car to Lauterbrunnen or cable car to Stechelberg, then by bus to Lauterbrunnen
  Technical requirements: easy
  Physical fitness: easy
  Hiking time: 1 h 30 min.
  Length: 6 km
  Gastronomy: Restaurant Winteregg
    The glaciers have done a great job here for during the Ice Age they eroded a vast canyon in the Lauterbrunnen valley. This high-altitude trail from the Grütschalp to Mürren runs almost 1,000 metres above the valley floor. As you go, marvel at the amazing views down into the depths of the valley as well as the magnificent panorama of the peaks in the Jungfrau region. Besides the famous triple peaks of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, you will also see several notorious north faces. The cable car goes from Lauterbrunnen up to the starting point at Grütschalp. Rising slightly at first, the trail levels off and leads through silent winter forest and meadows covered by deep snow and past the delightfully sunny Winteregg. Now parallel to the railway line, it continues to the car-free mountain village of Mürren. If you have the time, do take a detour to the panoramic revolving restaurant on the Schilthorn. Return to Lauterbrunnen either by rail and cable railway via Grütschalp or by cable railway and post bus via Stechelberg.
From Mt. Männlichen Down to Wengen
    The descent from Mt. Männlichen to Wengen passing by Kleine Scheidegg offers some unparalleled views of the mountain triumvirate: Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. The second part of the hike follows the downhill run of the Lauberhorn, one of the world’s steepest downhill ski runs. Good thing it is summer and no one is in a rush!
  Technical information Technical information
  Starting point:  Mountain station Männlichen.
  Destination: Center of Wengen..
  Take the aerial cable-car from Wengen up to Mt. Männlichen . Take the aerial cable-car from Wengen up to Mt. Männlichen .
  Walking time:  3 h 05 min
  Season:  July through October
  Altitude difference:  950 m descent
  Condition:  easy
  Place to eat:  Männlichen, Kleine Scheidegg, Wengernalp, Wengen
    Take the aerial cable-car to the departure point of the hike. The trail departs from the mountain station of the Männlichen and goes towards the Kleine Scheidegg. Be sure to admire the view of the mountain triumvirate: Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau and other mountains. The trail is at the foot of Mts.Tschuggen and Lauberhorn and continues like this till it reaches the Kleine Scheidegg. There the trail takes a downward turn towards the Wengernalp. Then turn North to the famous car-free resort of Wengen, which is still a bit further down.
St. James’ Way
    There are a host of natural and cultural attractions on the pilgrim’s route alongside Lake Thun. Picturesque churches, vineyards, drystone walls, rocky mountains and waterfalls are only some examples of this varied section of St. James’ Way. The walk leads through both inhabited areas and nature reserves. The Beatus Caves, where the cell of Saint Beatus can be viewed, form the highlight of the way. 
Niesen and Stockhorn in view
    The walk from Thun to Wattenwil leads in a wide sweep first along Lake Thun and then through an undulating area across into the Gürbetal valley. There are fantastic views of the mountains of the Bernese Oberland all along the way. At first, your gaze is drawn to the Niesen, Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, with the lake glittering in the sunshine in the foreground. Later, the walk is dominated by the rocky dome of the Stockhorn. In the area between Thun and the Stockhorn range is a string of little or even tiny lakes that are popular tourist spots, especially at weekends.
  Technical information Technical information
  Begin of tour:  Thun station
  End of tour:  Bären bus-stop, Wattenwil
  Access starting point: Trains from Berne, Zurich, Biel/Bienne, Interlaken, Basle, Brig
  Access point of arrival: Trains to Berne or Thun
  Technical requirements:  Easy
  Physical fitness:  Easy
  Total altitude meters:  Approx. 120 m
  Hiking time: 4 hrs. 30 min.
  Season:  January to December
  Gastronomy:  Thun, Gwatt, Amsoldingen, Allmid, Wattenwil
  Overnight:  Thun
  Various:  Views of Lake Thun and the mountains, the church in Amsoldingen
    Thun – Gwatt – Amsoldingen – Uebeschi – Geistsee – Wattenwil
    The brown signs for the Jakobsweg show the way for the whole route. The first part of the walk leads along the bank of Lake Thun to Gwatt. Then you go over a hill to the Stockental valley. Finally, the route takes you past lakes and little hamlets to Wattenwil.
The bridge trail
    The hiking network of the century is coming alive around Lake Thun. Gently embedded in the landscape and integrated into the existing 56-kilometer-long Panorama Trail Lake Thun, two suspension bridges open up totally new hiking perspectives.
    With a width of 340 meters and a height of 180 meters above ground, the pedestrian suspension bridge over the Gummi Gorge is one of the many attractions of the Panorama Trail Lake Thun. It links the villages of Aeschlen and Sigriswil and has become the new path to get to school. The path leads through a marvelous landscape with a view of the breathtaking panorama of the Bernese Alps above the deep blue lake. Whether as hiker, jogger, Nordic Walker, alone, in a group or as a family – young and old can look forward to the Panorama Bridge Sigriswil as a wonderful experience. The pedestrian suspension bridge’s 1.20-meter width is also suitable for wheelchairs and baby strollers. Bridge toll: CHF 8.- Careful planning makes for a pleasurable tour, so please check the route and weather conditions in advance at your local information centre. This route may be closed or interrupted depending on the seasonal and weather conditions.
  Begin of tour: Sigriswil
  Point of arrival: Oberhofen
  Access starting point: by bus
  Access point of arrival: by bus or ship 
  Physical fitness: easy
  Difficulty: easy
  Hiking time: 2h15
  Length: 6.9 km
  Season: April – November
Hike to the Trift bridge  
    The Trift aerial cable car takes you up across the Trift gorge and up to the Trift valley. From here you can hike up to the Trift suspension bridge where a fascinating view up to the lake and glacier will reward your efforts. The Windegg hut can be reached either along the direct path  „Ketteliweg“ (Level T3) or the easier  „Familienweg“ (Level T2). Surefootedness is required for the direct descent from the Windegg hut. An alpine route (Level T5) leads from the Trift bridge to the SAC Trift hut which takes 3 hours.  
  Hiking Time 2h
  Point Trift aerial cable car
  Post Bus Bus stop Nessental, Triftbahn