20100913 Zurich to Murren   Recently updated !

I overslept until 730 since I had the curtains closed and had not really slept for the past few days. I hurried to get dressed after I checked the status of Dan’s flight (early, of course…) and headed down to meet Dan in the lobby after I gave him directions. Repacked bags, checked out of the hotel, and headed off on our train adventure.

We found a line and stood in it. Fortunately, it was the correct line! The lady validated our pass and told us to go to platform 4. We found it and headed down the elevator. At the platform, we looked for the first class section. Waited a bit for the train, but it showed up eventually and we boarded a first class car. Stowed our bags and sat down for what we thought would be a long train ride.

When we reached Bern, we realized we had to change trains, so we grabbed our bags and ran off and to the connecting train. We had to find the first class car, so couldn’t just jump on any car! The car was a bit full, so we stowed our bags and headed up to the second deck. It was nice. Our seats were single chairs with a table between. Some were double chairs with tables, some were curved seats wrapped around a round table. Nice views, pretty mountains, quaint houses. Some rundown areas though. We made a stop and got confused because it looked like the sign that said Interlaken Ost (where we were headed on that train) was a sign for the whole station. Well, we got off – another girl agreed with us and said yes, this must be Interlaken Ost. It wasn’t. 

After a bit of hassle and reading maps and schedules, we figured out where we needed to be and how the incoming train signs, station name signs, and train schedules all worked – or so we told ourselves. This next train we boarded was not a double decker, but it was still nice and we had the train all to ourselves.

We traveled around the lake, which was very picturesque.

At Interlaken, we got off, heard an announcement of a train to Lauterbrunnen, and saw signs directing us to platform 2. Went down a ramp, then up another ramp to platform 2, where a train heading to Lauterbrunnen was waiting – good timing! We verified with the conductor the train was indeed heading to our desired location and all cars were going to the same place. We climbed on the only first class car we saw and were again all alone. These seats were pretty comfy too! In this car, there were maps on a ledge by each group of seats – very helpful and all cars should have at least one! But I guess other trains aren’t dedicated to just one route. This ride was pretty also, but the skies were becoming cloudier. Another short trip and we arrived. Hordes of people tried to plow on before we could get off, even though we obviously weren’t planning to stay on for a ride back the way we came from! With some pushing and shoving, we made it off.

On to the next segment which was to go down stairs, then follow signs to the lift, then take the gondola up to the train to Murren. So, we did that and it was relatively straightforward once we found the stairs down. We waited a bit for the tram to show up, then boarded, and headed up the mountain. Views were gorgeous and would have been even more amazing without all the clouds.

At the top, we got off and jumped on a train to Murren after the guy saw us looking lost and told us the train right in front of us was the train headed to Murren. Another nice ride with great views. Reached Murren and found the ramp which headed to the lower road we needed.

Followed that and found Chalet Fontana. Denise met us at the door. She owns this place and rents out rooms. Very nice and helpful lady. She brought us in and called Mom and Dad down. They came down and we all said Hello. We were brought up to the room they were staying in and the loft room. I preferred the loft room, but Dan was too tall for it. So, they took that one and gave us theirs. They are nice rooms. There are two bathrooms – one on the second floor and one on the porch.