Dan and I travel to Banff today. Left the house early – around 6:15 and arrived at the airport soon after. Thankfully not many other people are up that early to fly out of the international terminal, so we have the whole terminal to ourselves with a few airport employees to check us through. We discovered it costs $200 for international overweight bags so we definitely took the time to rearrange my bag. My socks are extremely heavy so taking those out and carrying those around with me solved the problem!
Plane flight was smooth.
Arrived in Calgary. They had just had a lot of snow lately. Weather was also a bit nippy. We stopped at Walmart to look for boots, gloves, and some food. Got the food and boots, but the gloves were really thin. I guess people in Calgary don’t shop at Walmart for snow gloves or they are just really tough.
Had to leave for Banff to hope to make it there before the sun went down (note – we did not beat the sun). The drive was nice and pleasant initially. The closer we got to Banff, the worse the weather and the roads got. After Canmore, the roads were white and the vision was white. We followed a big semi and were thankful he didn’t drive into a ditch! We completely missed the exit to buy a Park Pass, so we just kept on driving into Banff National Park. The roads in Banff were not so great either and they just got worse as we climbed the road to our hotel. Finally we saw a light off in the distance! We pulled into the hotel driveway thankful we had not slid or crashed. Got the room key and made our way to the underground, heated garage.
Found the series of elevators to the room, the room, and the huge window. Not quite sure what the view would be in the light, but were excited to find out. Ate the sandwiches and headed to bed.

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