Ideas in Morterasch, Switzerland


This is a good starting place where we can take a few leisurely walks, soak in the amazing sights, and become accustomed to the time difference. ‘The walk from the Morteratsch train station to the end of the Morteratsch Glacier is a brief one, yet it covers thousands of years of the earth’s history. Immense white tongues seem to push forth from the ice and snow-covered Piz Palü and Piz Bernina towards Pontresina. These are the Pers and Morteratsch Glaciers. At the Isla Persa, the two glacier arms unite to form a glacier tongue which ends after barely 2 kilometres.’


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Things to do, Places to Stay, Places to Eat

  • Really pretty walks through the woods
  • Walk back toward the Glacier
  • Take a somewhat easy hike in a nearby town
  • Ride the train to St Moritz
  • Ride the train to Italy

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