Ideas in Estavayer-Le-Lac, Switzerland

‘The little medieval town of Estavayer-le-Lac on the south-east bank of Lake Neuchâtel combines one of Europe’s most beautiful nature reserves with the joys of a very varied water sports paradise. Settled in prehistoric times, colonised by the Romans, plundered by barbarians, coveted by barons: thrilling traces of the civilisations which have shaped this region can be found, for example, in the reconstructed Neolithic village of Gletterens and in the nearby Roman museum. In Estavayer you can see many signs of its rich history: the Savoy castle from the 12th century, the Gothic abbey church and the cobbled streets. If you take a walk along the former town walls, you have a good view of the town. It is from Moudon Square that you have the finest panorama over the Jura mountains to the north of the lake.’


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Things to do, Places to Stay, Places to Eat

  • My Lady’s Manor
  • Explore Estaveyer
  • Castle
  • Old town
  • Boat ride on Lake Neuchatel, between lakes– pretty canal ride
  • Train ride to Bulle, farmers market

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