Planning 2012 Switzerland Trip, 20120427 Update

We are almost a month away from our Switzerland Trip! I am getting excited – how about you?

Here are a few updates and notes.

Everyone needs to update their flight reservation with their passport number and expiration date. It’s pretty simple, but not necessarily straightforward. If you need me to do it for you, I can. Call me with your info and I will do the updating. I am also sending an email out with this same info and will include my phone number and email address there. Here is how to do it:

  • Go to
  • In the middle of the page, find the small blue box that says ‘Change or View Reservations’
  • Enter your Confirmation Number and Last Name and press Go
  • You should now see your reservation with all your flight information listed
  • Scroll down the page until you see the Travelers listed
  • Find your name and click on ‘Edit Traveler Information’
  • Now you should see all of your information
  • Find ‘Passport Information’ and enter your Passport Number and Expiration Date
  • Click the Submit button when you are finished updating

Train ticket prices are dropping! Last i checked they were down $25. We still have a few more weeks to get them, so we are going to see if they will drop more. We are hoping they do! Adults are down to $794 and younger adults are down to $700.

We have been researching some tours of bunkers in Switzerland. The largest one is in Lucerne, however, it is only open on the weekends. We were thinking of stopping in Lucerne between stops one and two to break up the long train ride and to see the sites, but that is on a Friday so we would miss the hours the bunker tour is open. I am seeing if they will open for us on Friday and will let you know if it works out! Here is a bit of information about it: . And here is one that is somewhat by our first location:  Also, if interested, here is a site that lists many of the bunkers in Switzerland: I have not gone through the whole map yet. (**If you open these links using the Google Chrome web browser, it will ask you if you would like the sites translated into English!**)