Planning 2012 Europe Trip   Recently updated !

Okay, I think we have it mostly pinpointed as to where we are going to go for the 2012 trip to Switzerland – Prices not yet.

Tentative dates are: May 15 to May 30, but might push it out a week.

Fly into Zurich
Morterasch- 3 nights
Murren– 4 nights
Rosenlaui –  3 nights
Montreux – 4 or 5 nights

With the exception of Montreux, all are in the mountains. Montreux is on Lake Geneva. It is a beautiful area and a great place to spend the last days there, especially if we can get accommodations in the palace.

Plane flights are around 1000 right now. they should go down some. We are keeping our eye on them. I will check with a few airlines and see what they can offer for group tickets. But groups are 10 or more; I’m not sure we have that many.

Rail Pass is around 600, unless you are 16 or under. Then if you go with a parent, it is free. If you go with a grandparent, its 30. Good deal if you ask me!