Day “S” in Our Adventure Countdown!

Fellow Adventurers (and Future Adventurers who can’t make it this time – Bryan, Caleb, Jessica):

The first group leaves in 9 days and the second group leaves in 13 days!!! Are you packed and ready? I surely am NOT! Yikes!

So, I am starting a daily email blast to get us completely pumped and ready to begin our adventure. This is Day “S” of our adventure. The Days will spell a code word or phrase by the time we leave. 🙂

“S” today is for Solar Auras, or in normal people terms: climate/ weather forecast. This is something we all need to know and I think only Mom and maybe Dan has looked the ‘solar auras’ up on the vast internets (that was Dan-speak, because we all think he is cool and strive to emulate him).

Here’s a brief overview of the next 10 days in the locations we will be visiting:
Weissbad: foggy, slight chance of rain a few days, high: 50, low: 23
Preda Kulm/Bergun: partly cloudy to clear, high chance of rain a few days, high: 61, low: 34
Wasserauen/Appenzell: foggy, slight chance of rain a few days, high: 50, low: 23
Murren: partly cloudy to clear, good chance of rain a few days, high: 73, low: 50

Temperatures are dropping. Rain is likely. Be prepared and bring the galoshes! No, not really – those might be too bulky to carry. Just be sure to dress in layers. Hat and gloves may come in handy.

Overall it seems the solar auras will vary by scene, but all will be slightly shivery and somewhat soggy.