Day “R” in the Adventure Countdown

Hi Everyone! Mom and Dad made it to Switzerland. The flight was pretty uneventful besides being delayed, and the seats were small. They walked along a river today after traveling by train to their hotel location. It is pretty! Once I have pictures I will share them. Mom noted the […]

Day “E” in the Adventure Countdown

E is for Evil is Conquered on the Schilthorn!  What do you get when you combine a secret agent, some shady business deals and henchmen, and a revolving restaurant on a mountain in Switzerland? Why, a James Bond movie of course! On Her Majesty’s Secret Service to be precise… The Schilthorn […]

Day “I” in the Adventure Countdown

Today we say Welcome! or more appropriately: wilkommen!! to the newest member of our Future Adventurers Club: Mrs. Jackie Van Dyke! She is even learning to yodel and will be performing for us this Christmas with other members of her yodeling group: The Van Dyke Family Yodelers. 🙂 Don’t worry, […]

Day “T” in the Adventure Countdown

So, today is day “T” and you may be wondering where I am going with the code. 🙂 Well, hold on to your hats adventurers, this is going to be a wild ride! Today’s word is dedicated to Erika (didn’t they used to do that in Sesame Street?) Is the word: Tasty Playdough […]

Day “A” in the Adventure Countdown

The letter of the day is “A” for Appenzell. This is the first location for the advanced party: Dad and Mom, and the last location for the large party. This place seems amazing! awesome! and definitely deserves more than one email blast! Hiking trails are abundant here. There are houses […]

Day “E” in the Adventure Countdown!

Today is Day “E”; 7 days or 11 days left to pack! Hopefully no one has guessed the code word yet. 🙂 The topic of the day is Edelweiss, the beautiful (yet slightly strange looking and fuzzy) iconic white flower associated with Switzerland. Switzerland does not officially have an official […]

Day “W” in the Adventure Countdown!

Today is Day “W”; 8 days or 12 days left before we travel!! In light of that “W” is for WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR!??!?!?! As a side note, No, the code is not Switzerland 🙂 Maybe it was going to be until Jonah guessed ‘Switzerland’ and maybe not!  Anyway, […]

Day “S” in Our Adventure Countdown!

Fellow Adventurers (and Future Adventurers who can’t make it this time – Bryan, Caleb, Jessica): The first group leaves in 9 days and the second group leaves in 13 days!!! Are you packed and ready? I surely am NOT! Yikes! So, I am starting a daily email blast to get […]

More Switzerland Links

We have found a few more interesting posts we have added to our Links page. Here are some of the most recent! Some Travel Planning by Another Traveler: http://suesohn.weebly.com/ Ideas in Interlakken: http://files.gadmin.ch/73809?CFID=b95ca0bf-167b-4f2d-aeee-244d32fe44a2&CFTOKEN=0 More Things to do in Murren: http://www.virtualtourist.com/travel/Europe/Switzerland/Muerren-691008/Things_To_Do-Muerren-TG-C-1.html