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Family Trip to Switzerland in 2012

2012 May and June – Eating and Walking Through Switzerland!   Recently updated !

Hi! We are glad you stopped by! We completed our adventure Eating and Walking our way through Switzerland and enjoyed every minute of it. Well, it could definitely be better if the Stinky Shoes weren’t so stinky… We have two different sets of updates going on: one from The Mature […]

2012 Europe Itinerary   Recently updated !

ESTAVEYER-LE-LAC May 29-June 1 My Lady’s Manor -3 nights Explore Estaveyer. Castle Old town Boat ride on Lake Neuchatel, between lakes– pretty canal ride Train ride to Bulle, farmers market ——————————————- Leave for next stop Stop in Zurich or Bern Boat ride from Luzern to Fluelen ——————————————– BERGUN June 1-5 […]

Planning 2012 Europe Trip, 20120118 Update   Recently updated !

Below is a list of  activities we can do in each of the areas we will be in. As you can see, we will visit a few other countries on day trips. I hope to get a site up with pictures for everyone to look at. If there are things not […]

Planning 2012 Europe Trip, 20120111 Update   Recently updated !

Just a note to let you know we got the house in Estavayer-le-lac May 29 – June 1. Here are some links with pictures! Go here and click on more photos: http://www.myladysmanor.org/index.htm Here is a bit of info about the town: http://www.myladysmanor.org/estavayer.htm

Planning 2012 Europe Trip, 20120110 Update   Recently updated !

We have been able to get a few more places. Here are the links: Estavayer – le – lac (May 29 – June 1) The first few days we thought it would be nice to go to a relaxing place to get used to the time change before we head […]

Planning 2012 Europe Trip   Recently updated !

Okay, I think we have it mostly pinpointed as to where we are going to go for the 2012 trip to Switzerland – Prices not yet. Tentative dates are: May 15 to May 30, but might push it out a week. Fly into Zurich Morterasch- 3 nights Murren– 4 nights […]