2010 Europe by Diane

20100928 Home At Last   Recently updated !

Home at last. It has been a long (27 days) European vacation but I enjoyed time with Bruce, Kristin and Dan, and even Erika came for a week. Fun times, good food and I didn’t even gain weight. Not sure how many mountains I walked up and down, but walking […]

20100919 Bruce’s Journaling   Recently updated !

Okay, I am going to be lazy. Instead of adding photos, I am directing you to the site that Bruce made with journaling of our trip so far and along with pics. When you get to the site, in the square boxes, you can click on the individual dates and […]

20101018 Lugano Switzerland   Recently updated !

We have been doing lots since the last post. Not much time to get on the internet and post pics. Bruce did do some journaling with pictures on another site. Enjoying time with Kristin and Dan. Got caught in a downpour today.

20100908 Seefeld Austria   Recently updated !

Went and saw the Oberammergau Passion Play yesterday. It was awesome. The people there have loads of talent. Thanks kids for the tickets. We are in Seefeld for the next 4 days. Cold and rainy. Very cold. Bruce took the wrong way out of the train station to get to […]

20100905 Nuremberg Germany   Recently updated !

Another nice day. Walked along the river in the other direction. The sun was out so the reflection of buildings and bridges on the water was quite pretty. Town was quiet as most shops are closed on Sunday. Added another 11.7 miles of walking today. Check out new pictures of […]

20100904 Nuremberg Germany   Recently updated !

Great day today. Walked along the river for 7 miles. Went back to the hotel for a nap (still getting used to the 9 hour time difference).   Toured the old town. Loads of street vendors. Really liked the farmers markets. Should have bought pastries when we had the chance, […]

20100903 The Adventure Begins   Recently updated !

We had some awesome chauffeurs to take us to San Francisco Airport. Then an 11 hour plane ride before we landed in Zurich. 2 hour layover then another plane to Nuremberg, Germany. Took a walk around the “old town” before it got dark. Can’t wait to explore tomorrow.