2012 Europe Itinerary

ESTAVEYER-LE-LAC May 29-June 1 My Lady’s Manor -3 nights Explore Estaveyer. Castle Old town Boat ride on Lake Neuchatel, between lakes– pretty canal ride Train ride to Bulle, farmers market ——————————————- Leave for next stop Stop in Zurich or Bern Boat ride from Luzern to Fluelen ——————————————– BERGUN June 1-5 […]

Planning 2012 Europe Trip

Okay, I think we have it mostly pinpointed as to where we are going to go for the 2012 trip to Switzerland – Prices not yet. Tentative dates are: May 15 to May 30, but might push it out a week. Fly into Zurich Morterasch- 3 nights Murren– 4 nights […]

20100928 Home At Last

Home at last. It has been a long (27 days) European vacation but I enjoyed time with Bruce, Kristin and Dan, and even Erika came for a week. Fun times, good food and I didn’t even gain weight. Not sure how many mountains I walked up and down, but walking […]