20140816 Yosemite   Recently updated !

Bryan, Kristin, Erika and Jonah headed out to Yosemite to see some wonders of nature and get some serious exercise. We gassed up the car and headed to Yosemite around 730. There wasn’t too much traffic and we got right into the park with Bryan’s National Parks pass. We didn’t stop at any of the scenic viewing points or at Bridalveil. The waterfalls were very light on water, if any water was trickling over at all. Kept driving in until we reached the Day Use Parking lot and found a spot in the back lot.

Now the time to make ourselves a few grinders. We laid out all the fillings and started assembling. We had rolls, mayo, ham, turkey, roast beef, pepper jack cheese, American cheese, banana peppers, pepperoncinis, red and green peppers, onions, pickles, avocado. We packed our bags with sandwiches, drinks, and nutrition – including maple syrup, of course!
By the time we headed out of the parking lot and toward the bus stop, it was 1030. Jonah forgot his knife so hopefully we dont need to face off with a bear. Hopped on the bus and headed out to Happy Isles. The bus was empty when we boarded, but was pretty full by the time we arrived at Happy Isles stop. Strangely, the park was rather empty compared to what we were expecting. We didnt see any humongous tour groups and the trails were only lightly populated. Squirrels, however, were abundant.
Well, the first portion of the trail was paved, but steep and uphill. The boys seemed to do fine; but us girls were feeling terrible!
on up
1st waterfall
1st sandwich, eat and relax by the falls, watch people
head further up
sit in river
eat 2nd sandwich, feet in water, worms,
hike down john muir
tree fell
water and hike back down
back on shuttle to parking
huge traffic jam at parking lot so sat around, drank water, took off hiking shoes, then headed back over to visitor center and looked around
left aroung 6 and barely any traffic
stuck behind a few slow drivers. waited then passed when ‘safe’
burgers and brownies/ice cream
star wars 1