Tuesday, March 25

We wake up and check on our soaked clothing which was left hanging all night on the radiators both inside our room and in the hallway. Since we seem to be the only guests, who cares if our clothes are lying everywhere right? Yes, they have finally dried so we have things to wear today. We have a delicious full Irish breakfast – only after breakfast do we find out that it is possible to have a smaller Irish breakfast. Same items, just less of them. Now we know if we ever visit Ireland again. Towards the end of breakfast we see two guys walk past our “private” dining area – apparently we weren’t the only guests. Oh well, they came back after 1:30 AM so I’m sure the didn’t notice the upgraded hallway decor. (Unless they were really quiet as Julie and I were up until 1:30 watching Frozen!)

We finish breakfast around 9:15, hurry to pack our clothes, and get on the road for one last drive across Ireland. We make it back to Cessy’s right as planned a little after noon. Now for an exciting afternoon – two wild ladies watching Donncha! I decide to make brownies while Julie and Donncha watch BabyTV. You all know my cooking skills – they’re even better in Ireland. Everything went smoothly – after Julie showed my how to turn on the oven. I only forgot one button – the one that allowed it to heat up. (Cessy has a temp cheat sheet so no problem there). The timer was reset twice and maybe a third time. I was sitting in the living room with Donncha watching BabyTV when Julie said “Erika, are the brownies still in?” Burnt Brownie! It smelled good and was crunchy, just like a cookie. I think those made it to the compost pile after we left. Well I’ll leave the cooking to those who know how.

For dinner we had Apache pizza. Yes, Native American themed pizza in Ireland they are proud to be Irish owned and operated. We ordered the Geronimo Pizza (sweet corn, mushroom, pepperoni, red onions, and peppers), Hiawatha (Hawaiian – ham and pinapple), and Chicken Apache (chicken, corn, pineapple, and mushroom). They were all very good. The Geronimo was probably the best.