Friday, March 21

Went back into Dublin to buy Souvenirs, and do a bit more walking and touring.

The first stop on our route is the Queen of Tarts for an early tea. (We’re usually to full by teatime so we decided to do this first today.)

We saw the Molly Malone statue. Whether or not she was a real person is up for debate. Here we saw our one and only Leprechan.

We visited Trinity College. We decided to save our Euros and skipped walking through the oldest library and seeing the Book of Kells.

Had tea at KC Peaches. Stopped for hot chocolate at Bewley’s – perfect timing as the rain started coming.
And we toured the Chester Beatty Library. This is more of a museum than a library. Chester Beatty collected ancient books and manuscripts. His collections range from ancient volumes of various religious literature, the Bible, Koran, Jewish manuscripts, to ancient cultural works from Japan, China, etc. There was even an old elaborately decorated ceremonial Chinese shirt. The roof garden was closed before we could find it. One section contained dress from the early 19th century.