Monday, March 17

Today our great adventure begins. We are chaeuffered to San Francisco by Dad (thanks for fighting the rush hour traffic for us)
Erika and Julie leave San Francisco at 11 AM on United. SFO security was fast easy and mostly painless. Forgot to take off my belt so had a pat down. The flight is smooth but slightly delayed leaving due to paperwork issues between pilot and mechanics. We arrive in Chicago with plenty of time to transfer . . . if it was a straight transfer. Unfortunately, we are changing airlines and thus had to change terminals, which meant going through security. AGAIN! I remembered to remove the belt this time. I just forgot about the water bottle I filled in San Francisco. After a tremendously slow security line (they even opened another lane to “speed” things up.) We walked rapidly to our gate, which was scheduled to be boarding before we finished security. Upon arrival, people were still milling about. Julie had time to walk halfway through the terminal and find lunch. And I had time to find another water fountain. Chicago doesn’t have the convenient waterbottle filling stations so I got the challenge of filling a waterbottle with a fountain that barely worked.

We settled into our seats aboard Aer Lingus flight 124. Smooth sailing on this flight. Both our monitors worked (Julie had to have hers restarted) so we kept entertained with tv shows and a movie or two and about an hour and a half rest. We had curry chicken for supper and a crossoint with ham for breakfast before our arrival in Dublin at 8:00 a.m. on March 18.