20131120 Banff

Sunny but cold. -25 overnight. -15 in morning. Cold enough to freeze nose hairs…
Drive down to Banff village. Visit information center and buy annual park pass. Walk down main drag and browse shops for gloves and hats for Dan. Buy $70+ gloves for dan from French guy BB who has been here 8 months.
Buy jacket cleaner from Olly from england at north face.
Visit moos- world’s best ice cream. K flavors pei strawberry and mooie wooie. Dan flavors mooie wooie and mud something with pb cups. Good.
Dinner/ lunch at elk and oarsman based off recommendation from girl at Cowss ice cream shop. K – elk nachos. D – elk sirloin.
Stopped at Safeway for tea then back to the hotel. Swam in the pool after sitting in the hot tub. Back in room, worked a bit then ate sandwiches and nachos while watching hockey.

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