2012 May and June – Eating and Walking Through Switzerland!   Recently updated !

Hi! We are glad you stopped by! We completed our adventure Eating and Walking our way through Switzerland and enjoyed every minute of it. Well, it could definitely be better if the Stinky Shoes weren’t so stinky…

We have two different sets of updates going on: one from The Mature Set and another from The Youngsters. Once you get to each of the sites, click on different dates in the calendar to see our daily logs! Another option is to scroll down this page and click on the links we have provided below.

From the Mature Set: Browse our Photos and Updates added to the site Eat and Walk through Switzerland! Check it out!

2012 Switzerland Photos (These are the same photos that are in all the above posts, however there is no commentary so they are far less entertaining!)

Extra Extra! You have heard from the Mature Set. Now, check out the happenings from ‘The Youngsters’ at Switzerland Through the Eyes of the Youngsters! Be warned: there will be pictures of toilet contraptions. Enjoy!