20100913 Murren Day 1   Recently updated !

Dinner places don’t open until late so we sat in the lounge and had a few glasses of tea. We then headed out to Hotel Bellevue’s restaurant for some delicious dinner. This restaurant has a terrace with gorgeous views of the mountains that is more popular in warmer weather. It was too cold to eat outside this night though! We picked a seat and looked at the menu, which was in German. We asked the server to tell us what one of the pages said and she left to get someone else. The other lady came and explained a bunch of things for us. She was really friendly, but the other girl really wasn’t.

Dan ordered some pheasant, Mom ordered venison, Dad ordered mountain goat (we think), and I also ordered mountain goat. Mine was extremely delicious! Everyone’s was pretty good!It took an extremely long time for our food to come out. For dessert, I had berry cake with loads of whipped cream. It was pretty delicious. Mom and Dan both had the chocolate truffle cake, which was also delicious.