2016-10-14: Travel to CA   Recently updated !

Well, it’s the last day. So incredibly saddening. Breakfast was also sad. The fare was nothing like we have been enjoying. After breakfast we headed outside to wait for the shuttle. Our luggage goes in the trailer and we squeeze into the shuttle van. We make it to the airport, […]

double decker

2016-10-13: Travel to Zurich   Recently updated !

After eating our last breakfast at Hotel Steinbock, we packed up our belongings, then headed outside to wait for the shuttle that would take us into Pontresina. Once at Pontresina, we took the train to Zurich. We chose the spacious luggage car and had the car to ourselves most of […]


2016-10-08: Travel to Pontresina   Recently updated !

We are leaving Appenzell and heading to Pontresina. We have not stayed in Pontresina before but have stayed in Preda and taken the train to Pontresina-area activities. We’ll see how it is to stay on this side of the mountain. The weather is gloomy but we are still quite ready […]

Morteratsch Glacier

2016-09-28: Travel to Kandersteg   Recently updated !

We arrived in Zurich and met Grandma and ‘PU’ after Customs. We then traveled to Kandersteg by train after getting our tickets. No first class Swiss Pass this time. While Swiss Passes are nice and incredibly convenient, we learned that in a few areas, when you stay in their hotels, […]

gondola pile

2016 Switzerland Itinerary   Recently updated !

Traveling to Kandersteg, Murren, Appenzell, Preda, and Zurich. We will journey around and view the beautiful sites. Visit the 2016 Switzerland page to see our updates.


201607 VA to CA 2   Recently updated !

Trip Log – VA to CA July 2016 Trip Log – VA to CA July 2016 Road Trip! July 8, 2016 A Van. A Car. 5 Siblings. And a Dog. We are in the midst of our Road Trip. I haven’t had much time to make updates so I am […]

201511 Banff, Calgary, Alberta, Canada 3   Recently updated !

Hi! We are glad you stopped by! We headed back to Banff for another exciting adventure: skiing (falling), eating, cooking, hiking, relaxing! Oh, and some Tim’s and Tetley! Click the links below to see our daily activities. View the individual travelers’ posts here before they are uploaded to the main […]

2015 San Francisco Marathon   Recently updated !

Run Log – Sunday, July 26, 2015 Run Log – Sunday, July 26, 2015 San Francisco Marathon 2015 Well, we didn’t walk or eat much, but we did jog a bunch, walk a little, drink a lot of water and electrolytes, and eat some pickles! View below the Blog and […]

2015 Disney, Tahiti, Bora Bora   Recently updated !

Follow Jonah and Jamie on their adventures together through Disney, Tahiti, and Bora Bora! Watch out for SHARKS!

2015 Poland   Recently updated !

Hi! Well, I’m on a business trip to Poland; so I am not going to be able to take as many pictures as usual or walk around as much as I’d like. However, so far, I have been eating meals and chocolates and cookies and drinking teas a bit excessively, […]

Day “R” in the Adventure Countdown   Recently updated !

Well, it is the final day of the countdown as we leave this morning in a few hours! Today is Day R: Ready or Not Here We Come! Did everyone fit all their paraphernalia in their tiny suitcases? Don’t forget your passports and train tickets (I have all the rail […]