2016 Switzerland

Hi! We are glad you stopped by! We are traveling to Switzerland for some good hiking, chocolate, cheese, and bread. Itinerary.

2016 Switzerland Itinerary

Traveling to Kandersteg, Murren, Appenzell, Preda, and Zurich. We will journey around and view the beautiful sites. Visit the 2016 Switzerland page to see our updates.

201607 VA to CA 2

Trip Log – VA to CA July 2016 Trip Log – VA to CA July 2016 Road Trip! July 8, 2016 A Van. A Car. 5 Siblings. And a Dog. We are in the midst of our Road Trip. I haven’t had much time to make updates so I am […]

201511 Banff, Calgary, Alberta, Canada 3

Hi! We are glad you stopped by! We headed back to Banff for another exciting adventure: skiing (falling), eating, cooking, hiking, relaxing! Oh, and some Tim’s and Tetley! Click the links below to see our daily activities. View the individual travelers’ posts here before they are uploaded to the main […]

2015 San Francisco Marathon

Run Log – Sunday, July 26, 2015 Run Log – Sunday, July 26, 2015 San Francisco Marathon 2015 Well, we didn’t walk or eat much, but we did jog a bunch, walk a little, drink a lot of water and electrolytes, and eat some pickles! View below the Blog and […]

2015 Poland

Hi! Well, I’m on a business trip to Poland; so I am not going to be able to take as many pictures as usual or walk around as much as I’d like. However, so far, I have been eating meals and chocolates and cookies and drinking teas a bit excessively, […]

Day “R” in the Adventure Countdown

Well, it is the final day of the countdown as we leave this morning in a few hours! Today is Day R: Ready or Not Here We Come! Did everyone fit all their paraphernalia in their tiny suitcases? Don’t forget your passports and train tickets (I have all the rail […]

Day “B” in the Adventure Countdown

Dan has been asking me to write a daily update on St Bernards in Switzerland, Well, Dan, here you go! Today is Day “B” for St Bernard. The Saint Bernard dog is a special symbol of Switzerland. 

Day “R” in the Adventure Countdown

Hi Everyone! Mom and Dad made it to Switzerland. The flight was pretty uneventful besides being delayed, and the seats were small. They walked along a river today after traveling by train to their hotel location. It is pretty! Once I have pictures I will share them. Mom noted the […]

20140906: We are here, we are here, we are here

The plane rides were both quite uneventful; except for the fact they were so small you could barely move. Dan, good thing you aren’t flying on this airline! Both legs were delayed.  Sfo by about 1 hour. Amsterdam i think almost 2 hours.  But we made the connecting flight!